Note-taker Service Accommodations

There are several options for securing a NoteSupplier.  The SDRC student and the instructor should decide on which option to utilize:

  1. The SDRC student may choose a NoteSupplier.
  2. Instructor makes an announcement at the start of class or sends a class email (do not identify the student) that a NoteSupplier is needed for this class.
  3. Instructor can recruit a NoteSupplier by observing students' classroom traits (e.g. attendance, listening skills, participation, quiz / test scores).  Once you have identified a likely recruit approach that student and request their assistance in filling a vital need for your class.
  4. Instructor may supply student with copies of his / her own course notes.
  5. Instructor and SDRC student periodically meet and review the SDRC student's own notes for appropriateness or missing information.
  6. If you are still having trouble securing a NoteSupplier, contact the SDRC.

When the Note-taker has finished taking Notes he/she will upload the notes to the server after which you can download class notes.

The SDRC student is responsible for attending class on a regular basis. Having a NoteSupplier does not excuse him/her from attending class. If the NoteSupplier misses class for any reason, he or she is still responsible for providing a set of notes for that day. If attendance becomes an issue or you have any questions, please contact the SDRC at 352-505-8990 or

The SDRC prefers only one designated NoteSupplier per class.